The Hole in the Sock

This video (5 min., with sound) is an excerpt documenting a generative computer application: non-figurative animation of variable duration that is intended for real-time computer display. You can download and run the application at the following link:
The download is the latest software revision: April 7, 2013, Macintosh-only, approximately 84mb download includes both the app and a quicktime video (required by the app).

"The Hole in the Sock" is a combinatory work that involves interactions (perturbations) between two main components: a visualized quasi-periodic number series (30,000+ iterations) generated from an equation [sin t + sin sqrt(2t) + sin sqrt(3t)], and a short cartoon by the Wan Brothers that originally occurred within the feature film "Scenes from City Life" (Yuan Muzhi, 1935). The cartoon is never seen in "The Hole in the Sock", although it is invisibly present throughout (in the video buffer) and its imagery has the capacity to directly interact with the number series visualization, and vice versa. The method I apply in some of the codework for "The Hole in the Sock" was developed around 1970 by David Ruelle and Floris Takens (also separately by Robert Shaw) for graphically reconstructing states of matter-energy far from equilibrium as a means of understanding the dynamics of such states, for which they invented their own term: 'strange attractors'.

Another work in this series is "ALAALLL, a light at a level below".



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