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 C-SPAN Karaoke - gallery version DOWNLOAD for Windows PC   
15mb zip-compressed file. No macintosh version available.


C-SPAN KARAOKE software is used in combination with Real Media Player.
Do you need the free Real Media player?

This is the gallery version of C-SPAN KARAOKE.

1. The gallery version is fully interactive for anyone who wants to select C-SPAN videos and Karaoke songs from a list.

2. The gallery version also includes an Autoplay feature. This means if no one is using the software, then the software will automatically find videos at the CSPAN.org website, select one and launch a Karaoke song to go with it. The software will continue to do this as long as it is running. At the end of one CSPAN video, it will go and select another, etc.

3. The gallery version fills the screen and has no exit button. The only way to exit this gallery version is to attach an (otherwise-unneeded) keyboard to the computer and hit the "escape" key.

4. Here is a schematic for ways of exhibiting this version.