The Interrupting Annotator
> download Windows PC version  
4.5mb zip-compressed file. No macintosh version available.* *

Freely available software, 2004, by Barbara Lattanzi
version .2, last update 12.19.04

This software is used in combination with Real Media Player.
Do you need the free Real Media player? get Real Media player

* * Some info about the lack of a Macintosh OSX version:

Macintosh OSX version of this software will work for only those systems with an older version of the RealOne media player (version 9 or earlier). If you already have installed a higher version RealOne player such as version 10, then this software will not work. This applies to the Macintosh only. (Windows PC does not have this problem.) If you think that your Macintosh OSX system may have a prior version RealOne media player (earlier than v10), then you can try the web-browser version of The Interrupting Annotator.